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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 5
Europe 2003
Paris, London, Provence


David and Carol 2003 
In Memory of Dotti Lehrman
May 30, 1927 - November 2, 2003
Mom - around age 18
Shortly after returning from our Journey, my Mom, Dotti, passed away peacefully after a massive stroke at the age of 82.
Both of my parents had always encouraged their three sons to travel. Married after the War in 1945, they themselves traveled quite a bit, making several trips to Europe and across the United States. As President of his industry association in the early 1960's, Dad (with Mom at his side) was away quite a bit, as he would speak at various meetings and conventions. For about a year, he and Mom were seldom home. They always came back with wondrous tales of adventure. The seeds of the travel-bug were planted by them early on in my life.
Mom and Dad are married in 1945
Dad - around the age of 70
When I was fifteen, I had saved up enough money to make my first extended Journey away from home. I spent eight weeks as a member of "Tour-A-Camp," based in Nyack, New York. Two large busloads of boys my age criss-crossed America, coast-to-coast, during the summer of 1964. That trip opened my eyes to the vast beauty of this planet, the richness of friendship and fellowship, and the thrill of discovery and adventure. When I graduated from college many years later, I had saved up enough money to take my first trip across The Pond. My brother Jim, who had just graduated from high school, was my travel-mate on that historic Journey, and neither he or I will ever forget the magic, fun, excitement and adventure we had during the summer of 1971. Whenever we spend time together, some story from that trip always finds its way into our conversation.
Mom, David, Tony, Jim
Jim,  Mom, David, Tony
Mom used to say, as she got older, that she was happy that she was able to travel while she still had her health. Later in her life, her legs were not in the best shape, and she used to look at me and say "travel while you still have your youth." I would look back at her and laugh and say "its too late, Mom - my youth got old while we weren't looking…" Mom used to love to read our journals and spent hours looking at our photos.
Truly, I inherited my love of adventure and travel, and my respect for and appreciation of the human race, from my folks. Dad used to wear a necklace that said "Live, Love, Laugh." These three words were so much a part of his own life that we, his sons, had them inscribed on his gravestone. Dad passed away in 1988, but I swear he has been beside Carol and me all along our Magnificent Journey. Both Mom and Dad instilled in me, and my brothers, a great appreciation for love, respect, compassion, kindness, humor and adventure. I had a lot of fun growing up in that environment. I was quite fortunate.
Mom had a massive stroke in her sleep, never regained consciousness, and spent her last few days in a very wonderful hospice here in Tucson. She passed away early in the morning of November 2, 2003, quite peacefully. Two other people in the same hospice passed away on that same day. Knowing Mom, and her love of people, she was waiting for company on her next chapter of her Magnificent Journey...
Mom in her element


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