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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 12
New England


On the coast of Ireland  
Day 1
The Journey Begins

Another adventure is about to begin!


Spent a wonderful evening with brother Jim and our friend Michael Monteleone. Jim came in to Tucson to Maggie-sit. Maggie has not been well, and Jim’s her “real” dad, having found her on an Arizona Indian reservation when she was a mere 3 months old. Michael, who was on his way to New Mexico, picked up Jim in Los Angeles and they both drove in yesterday. Carol and I met each other because of Michael. I was in Seattle in 1993 visiting Jim, who lived there. Carol worked with Michael and was doing some graphics work for Jim, and Jim introduced us. The rest is history and we owe it all ultimately to Michael.


It was great to see the two weary travelers when they arrived on Friday afternoon. We jumped in our car with Maggie and drove the two blocks to our garden, then spent the rest of the evening reminiscing at home.

Carol and Michael at our garden
Jim and Maggie.

Got up at 3:30 am on Saturday, said goodbye to Maggie, then drove with Jim and Michael to Tucson International Airport. Said our farewells, then soon boarded a Southwest 737 for the hour-long flight to Denver.

Tucson International Airport

After a short layover in Denver, we boarded another Southwest 737 and soon found ourselves sailing above a blue ocean of air speckled with white cottony islands of clouds, as the great, vast American heartland passed 29,000 feet below us at 600 mph.


The 3-hour and 20 minute ride to Boston’s Logan International Airport was smooth and uneventful.


We grabbed a cab at the airport, driven by a very friendly and informative young Egyptian who sped us (literally) to the Kendall Hotel in Cambridge.

Kendall Hotel in Cambridge

Originally an old firehouse built in 1894, the Kendall is fun and funky. Our room is spacious with a comfortable king-sized bed and large bathroom. The Victorian red-brick building is adjacent to MIT. In 2002 it was converted into a luxury boutique 7-story hotel. Today the Kendall is the only historic hotel remaining in Cambridge.


Settled into our comfy room and then went outside to Main Street, walked 20 years west and had a delicious meal at Legal Sea Foods. The clam chowder, ahi, crab soufflé and salad were terrific. The Sauvignon Blanc (Carol) and Sam Adams Ale (David) were perfect accompaniments.

Carol enjoying the wine at Legal Seafood in Cambridge

After dinner, we bought two Charlie Tickets and jumped on the MBTA train to Harvard Square (2 miles.) Bought a book at the Harvard Coop and then just wandered around window-shopping and people-watching.

Harvard Coop

Exhausted, we took the train back to the hotel and plopped into the soft king-sized bed. Welcome to Boston!

Nice room at the Kendall

Next Day

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